ADi Productions

is going to begin casting local area thespians from regional colleges, universities and high school campuses as well as nonunion actors and actresses.


ADi Productions first casting session for the feature film, “Murphy’s Forgettable Day”, will be held in the fall of 2017 (date TBDA)at the Turlock Community Theatre at 1574 East Canal Drive, Turlock.   Please follow the directions below prior to attending the session:


1). DOWNLOAD a Head Shot of yourself and any other photo you would like for the Casting Personnel to see OR bring the photo(s) with you to the session.

2.) Please scan through the “CHARACTER LIST” for speaking parts. You will see a corresponding page number for your selected character from this list that will direct you to the page number on the screenplay. (The screenplay is registered with the Writer’s Guild of America and is copy written).

3). Go to SCREENPLAY and “copy and paste” your selected character’s page from which you will read from (if it is a speaking part) or provide us your "look" for filling a role for one of the non speaking parts (as an “atmosphere personnel”)  You may select up to two (2) characters with “dialogue” and up to two (2) characters with “non-speaking” parts.

4.) You will also find a page to submit a brief RESUME with contact information.

5.) Upon arriving at the casting session, please form a single file line from the theatre entrance and down the right side of the theatre along the building, keeping the driveway area clear.  If the line is large, continue forming the line down to sidewalk at the intersection on Colorado and Canal Drive.  If necessary, continue to form the line along the sidewalk on Colorado towards the back (south) of the theatre.

Thank You



The casting session is intended to provide auditions comprised of local area talent that meet the qualifications for the 30 speaking roles in the production as well as the hundreds of “atmosphere personnel” roles. The shooting the film will take place in local area locations.  Principle photography will take place in late summer or early spring of 2018 depending on availability of scheduling necessities for the principal stars of the motion picture.   Dress and be prepared to read for your part.

The venue provides over 1,000 seats inside the theatre, but no food or drink is allowed inside. You may bring a light snack or bottled water. A Starbucks is just one block away on Canal Street.  Please properly dispose of your cups or garbage appropriately in trash receptacles off to the side of the theater entrance.  (This is a non union production.)


  Please do not call the theater as they are not involved with the film action or the casting session to be able to answer any questions. Remember download your page for the role you which to read for print it and bring it with you.



Thank you!

Richard Sargis, Producer, "Murphy's Forgettable Day"